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Hi. Myself and my partner we will be posted to Nairobi in January. My partner  will be working in the BHC . We are both interested in learning Swahili and I'm looking for work opportunities or voluntary jobs. Kindest regards. Dada

Hi Dada, r u hiring or looking to be hired

Dada, for any work in Kenya, you must have a work permit.  This includes voluntary work.  There are a lot of threads here on this subject.  Have a read through them, then come back with any questions.

Incidentally, by partner, do you mean married partner?  If married, you should be eligible for a Dependents Pass, which will enable you to remain in Kenya (although work is not permitted).  If not, then unless you can secure a job and a work permit, or have an income not derived from work, you may well be faced with being in Kenya on visitors visas.  This means that you would be able to be with your partner, in Kenya for periods of max 6 months, before having to leave and re-enter the country.

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