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I hope you can help me out a little as I start my research.
Full disclosure:
I am doing some social media marketing for a UK based 6th Form College that specialises in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for gifted children in the age group range 15 to 19.

Demand for overseas education seems high in some of the other Asian countries; China, (incl Hong Kong), Vietnam, Malaysia etc.
Do you think there may be a demand in Indonesia for 'gifted' students who may want to study in the UK before joining such universities such as Warwick, Oxford, Cambridge?

Is top-flight College education abroad something parents of Indonesian children would invest in and is it seen as economically viable to give their children the best education available?

What are the most commonly used social media websites?

If you have read to here, then thank you for reading. Any and all responses will be gratefully received.

Indonesian parents, no, rich Indonesian parents send their kids to the best schools available in this country and many move on to higher education in the UK, US or Canada, some going to Singapore or other places with good reputations.
By 'best schools', I mean a full English speaking place with a British curriculum (commonly Cambridge) and a lot of UK qualified very experienced teachers working there.
The British school in Bintaro is a prime example of a top quality school in Indonesia.

Normal Indonesian parents with bright kids hope for a scholarship.

Th long and the short is, yes, there could well be a market.

Thanks, I appreciate the input.!!
Yes they use the British curriculum and all the students got A and A* (over 95% got A*) in the last academic year for the British A Level exams.
A positive response, so thank you again.

From my experience there are very few students who can afford to complete high school or college overseas and then move to university in the same country due to financial costs unless there are family members already in said country.
This coupled with the students level of English can create quite a barrier and so unless the students are good enough to hit ToEFL or IELTS grades required then few go to the UK instead preferring the US or Europe or Australia. But normally is cost the deters students from going to the UK.
Indonesia is more in line with Australia and it's other neighbouring countries.
I would say the US, Germany, Holland and Switzerland are the 4 most common countries Indonesian students to continue studies in outside this part of the world.

My post applies to the rich only.
Have you seen the fees at the British school?

The term fees are like international telephone numbers but the facilities are probably the best I've seen in any school, anywhere.
The Olympic size swimming pool is just a starter.

Kids who go there and schools of its like can afford serious fees in the UK. However, as Luke rightly said, the vast majority of Indonesians can't afford a UK education so go to local unis, cheaper countries, or hope for a scholarship.

Thanks all for the great feedback.

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