Monthly Cost of Living in Danang


I am moving to Da Nang  in couple of months  from India, I would like to know what will be the monthly cost of Living  in Da nang  for  couple ,  Also i would like to know if I can get indian grocery  in super markets.

It will be very helpful if anyone share any information on this

Hello prasannak5,
Welcome on board :)

Please look at this recent thread on Da Nang forum to know about availability of Indian groceries in DN.

You can also collect your groceries from HCMC on your way to Da Nang.
Most Indian items are available here in HCM.

There are at least half a dozen Indian restaurants in Da Nang.

Cost of living depends on one's lifestyle, standard of living etc.
Core cost of living (excluding apartment rental, medical expenses, occasional dinners in restaurants etc. etc.) shouldn't exceed US$500 per month for two persons, IMO.

Let's wait and see what others living in Da Nang have to say about cost of living.

All the best!

Hi Senwl

thanks for your response,

my preferred accommodation is 2 bedroom apartment ,  and my budget is somewhere between $500 to $600, I hope I will get apartment within this range in nice locality.


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