Indian male married malaysian female....!!

Hi Expat,

I am Edward from India and working in a Malaysian private company and married a Malaysian girl( Hindu) on 31/08/2017 in India and I am waiting for my Marriage registration certificate for me to register my marriage in Malaysia ( Since my wife is malaysian).

I am working a private company more than 3 years until now, and the company provided my work permit from day one until now. 

So my question is, if i get registered my marriage in malaysia ( JPN), Do i need to extend my work permit from the same company or i have to apply for Permanent residence since i married a local malaysian ??

Please advise as much as possible.

Please join the Facebook group (Foreign Spouses Support Group) as the topic has been discussed recently and the group have the best resources and firsthand information.

Hi Edward,

Congratulations on your marriage. You may proceed to register your marriage in Malaysia with your current work permit. Permanent Residence is not required. However, if you're not planning to bring any dependant, you may apply for a spouse visa instead of being in a work permit. Spouse visa allows you to work in Malaysia. Hope this helps

Hai Sir ,
         I’m shabad from India Kerala ,now I’m living here India  ,I have small business here .I’m in love with one Malaysian girl in social media , I’m like to married her ,she also agree to married , but problem she is Hindu , and I’m Muslim .she like to convert to Islam , she is not like to come to India ,bcz she have good job there and she is still studying to graduation.but I don’t know what to do .then how to I married her , she also no idea , I’m ready to come Malaysia and live with her , pls anyone help me , give me suggestions for what do .

Join Facebook group Foreign Spouses Support Group Malaysia for information

But it will be difficult for you to work with restrictions to start with. Not an easy option

So what I need to do madam.I’m ready take any risk , but i don’t want make any trouble or problems my gf

All the information about marriage, when you can work, etc. can be found in the Notes section and elsewhere on this Facebook Group It is also a Forum to ask questions to the Admins. If you read their information you should be equipped to get married. I am not sure how long it will take for your gfs conversion, that might be worth raising to get people feedback. I think attending some classes is necessary, apart from the pre-marriage course.

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