Want to settle down in Hanoi but I am very confused about my situation

Good morning all, please I am new in Hanoi and almost stranded. I need help. I want to settle down here in Hanoi but I am very confused about my situation here. My hotel bills will expire tomorrow and I have no where to go to if that eventually happen.  please I really need your help guys. Thanks.

Justtfab :

My hotel bills will expire tomorrow and I have no where to go to if that eventually happen.

"if that eventually happen."  If?  Will it or will it not?

Assuming that it will, even though you're not certain about anything, why can't you find another hotel/motel/backpacker hostel to stay?  "No where to go" doesn't apply in a country where lodging can be had for chump change.  For example, Hanoi Hostel on Hàng Mã, smack dab in Old Quarter, charges only $5 or $5.50/night (free breakfast in the morning and free beer in the evening on rooftop bar.)  Can you at least afford that?

Justtfab :

I am very confused about my situation here.

OK, I'll bite. Go ahead and spill.

OK thanks, could you please send me the full address of the old quarter?  I am new in Hanoi and I don't know places here, I have been swindled severally buy cab drivers. My current location is New Airport hotel at airport road. Please I will be waiting for your replies...God bless you.

Please contact me on ****if there any job available. I need to survive and rest my head. M counting on you.

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Hanoi Hostel:  91C Hàng Mã Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, 84 4 62700006. 

The hostel is part of a Tour Service, so there are many people there at all time. When you call to book a bed, ask whether someone would help when you alight from the taxi so the cab driver cannot cheat you on the fare.  Many hotels in the Old Quarter do that for their guests.

I cannot help you with job searching.  Do not say you're counting on me.  I'm a stranger on an anonymous Internet site.  You should be counting on yourself first, last, and almost always.

Thanks for the address

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@Justfab, care to share a bit about yourself, your time in Vietnam and how you ended up at the airport hotel? From the airport, bus # 7 takes you into the city. I have been avoiding taxi cabs even when carrying lots of luggage.

Found a food place where they serve bread or flat triangular bread with salad for 5,000 Dong. Good stuff. You could survive on that for 25,000 d a day. And regarding water, get the big or really big bottles...

How old are you? where do you come from? Where will you go next? Have you held down a job before?

Personally, I think someone would want to know a bit more before responding as a stranger on an anonymous forum. The hotel & taxi bits make me wonder about how experienced a traveler in SE Asia you are?

Moreover, what kind of help are you seeking? Someone to pay your bills?

Wish you luck

(Last Saturday, I lost my walled with credit cards and millions of VND in it. Bummer. No replacement yet. There is Western Union though...)

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