qualifications for retirement visa

I will be coming to Bali Jan, 23rd and staying at least 1 month at the D' Sri Saran Hotel in Seminyak.
I am interested in obtaining a Retirement Visa but have 4 questions:

1. Does U. S . Medicare qualify as proof of Medical Insurance?
2. Would a 1 year lease at a hotel qualify as a residence?
3. The cost of using an agency, i.e. Bali Mode, to handle the paperwork?
4. I am 73 and do not have life insurance. Is it possible to buy in Indonesia?


Answer to questions:

1. No, you cannot use U.S. medicare outside the U.S.
2.Maybe not sure but I doubt it.
3.Don't know call them and ask for price but expect to pay $1,000 if not more.
4.Yes you can.

Thanks for the reply. Guess I better forget about it.

FYI - When having Medicare and you have an issue that requires going to an Urgent Care
        Medicare pays for everything except a $65 co-pay no matter what country or U.S.
        state that you're in.


I can only answer for number #2. I think it  will be quite expensive to life in a hotel for a year.  It will be better to rent an apartement or housing. Well, it's not as fancy as hotel but if you want to relax and blend in and feel the culture than it's better choice.

:) cheers


1. Read this article re Medicare:  https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/trave … de-us.html

2.  A one year lease agreement at a hotel should work, but will likely be quite expensive.

3.  Bali IDE is around $800 per year for KITAS including Exit Reentry Permit.

4.  You can buy medical insurance valid in Indonesia.  Most travel insurance will provide coverage as well as medivac.


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