Korean looking a job teaching Korean or English


I’m Chaeyoung from South Korea.
I’ll be going to PP Cambodia in March.
I’m looking for a job teaching Korean or English.
I’ve an experience working  in a language school (and i’m still working there at the moment) also i have worked as a ticket agent from skypass team.
So I can use MS office pros and Topas program

Hope I could get a job there asap and enjoy my life in cambodia 

Best reagrds

Hello Chaeyoung.

I think you could start by sending your CV to schools or institutes you want to work for.
If you know what part of PP you will be staying you can find schools in the not too far area, send them your CV and tell them you will visit them when you are here. Personal contact is the best way.

Good luck.

Cambodia expat-advisor
Expat.com team

Hey Chaeyoung,
I am Lili and I want to take private Korean classes.
I've been living in Phnom Penh for seven months, but I am considering to move to Korea by next year. That's why I want to learn Korean as fast as possible.
I would love to study with you, please tell me if there is any way to make that possible.
Thank you so much and good luck,

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