Furnished flat Maid and food


I am moving to Oman Muscat in Jan. 

1. How much should I pay for a fully furnished 1BHK / 2 BHK flat approximately in a good locality apartment complex?
Do the complex have Gym, swiming pool clubs?
Is there any brokerage money involved?
Are furnishing available on rents as well like walmart?

2.  Any agency to get temporary maid for household work once a day? what will be the cost?

3. Any suggested regular sun-thurs meals providers on monthly contract basis?

Does any one have good companies I can contact ( if they have a website it is better)

Thank you,


Hi dr5amb1t,

All that you are seeking can be found. But not all online though. You have to be on ground to fix up these things.

As a first step, you could try checking for suitable places of stay online from the many real estate companies providing a variety of rental services.

Once you finalise the place of your stay, the rest would then have to be sourced from in and around that neighbourhood.

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