Health care and medications in China

I'm planning on teaching english in China at the start of 2018 however, I have depression and require some medications. With health insurance from the school I teach at, will I be able to obtain my medications in China? Does the country have accessible pharmacies in the Tier 1 cities?

You are gong to a Tier 1 city, right? So what are you worried about?

Throw away your ideas that everyone in China is third world, and backwards.  Boy are you in for a slap in the face!  Oh, about ten years ago, China surpassed the United States and they have been growing every since in GDP, and economic vitality. In comparison, China first tier cities are more like Tokyo than anything else.

Second tier cities are like London, Boston, or Chicago.

Third tier cities are more primitive.  They are more like Cincinnati, Bolixi, or Memphis.

To answer your question.  Yes, of course you can get all your medications.  Just go to a pharmacy and show them the name of the medicine you want.  They will type it in the computer and find out the Chinese name. Then they will give you two options.  You can buy the imported brand name, often super expensive as you will pay American or British prices.  Or you could by the Chinese equivalent that is often ridiculously super cheap.  I have used both and I can't tell the difference.

You will NOT need a prescription or a local doctor. You will not need to present an ID or passport either.

BTW. China is far healthier to live in than the USA.  If you go local, you will discover that your need for all the American prescriptions will fall to the wayside.  You will end up healthier and happier.  IF you go native.

Fantastic! I was hoping for good news like that. I'm so excited to experience things there. I'll be sure to message you with any other questions. How long have you been in China??

I have been living in China since 2004.  But before that, I used to go back and forth since the early 1990's.  Each time I went and returned,  would miss it more and more.  Eventually,  fell in love with a girl and after around 5 years being apart, we got married in HK.

When I first moved to China, I too was concerned about my medicines.  I was taking Zoloft for stress, and Prozac for depression. I was also on cholesterol medications. After advice from my wife, I weaned myself off them, and went to a local traditional doctor and started to take their medicines.  It tasted terrible.  And it would take a bout 40 minutes to prepare each day.  But over time, I healed up fine.  I haven't needed any medicine since.

As time goes on, I am further and further removed from the USA.  I can only take American news is very small doses.  I can only eat western food in small amounts.  As long as I follow a Chinese lifestyle, I can pretty much guarantee to live to around 95 years.  Where, if I stayed in the USA, I would be dead by 81.

However, getting to this point takes time... Give it time.  China is (by far) the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.  My best, dearest and closest friends are in China. I eat better.  I am happier. My stress level is way...way...way....down.

But, there are trade-offs. My house is small.   I choose not to have a car. I do miss snow.  I am away from my "comfort foods".

Welcome to China.  Let this trip be a great one!

Well depression I can treat with exercise and proper diet but my biggest concern is getting one medication for my ups/highs. I cant really do anything without it. Do you have any knowledge about the pharmacys in China?

Depacote can treat your ups and downs. It's available here in China.

The truth is that most of the mental illnesses in the USA can have a root-analysis source of stress related to life in the USA.  Luckily you won't have any of that.

There are many pharmacies in China.  We belong to a chain called KABOVA. They have workers that typically don't speak English.  But no matter.  Just write down the name of the drug you are looking for and they will get it for you.  If you are sick and need medicine like stomach medicine, simply use a translation program and they can help.  Being in China, as a teacher, you will have the school staff available to you 24/7 to help you out in what ever way you need.  Let them.

Rather than "break the bank" use Chinese equivalent medicines for the USA equivalent.  There identical. And far cheaper.

What I need specifically is a drug called Seroquel also known as Quetiapine. Its an antipsychotic for bipolar disorder. Life is so hard without it.

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