Extending 30 tourist visa for up-to 6 months.

I have read that it is possible to extend your 30 day visa on arrival for up-to 6 more months. 3 months at a time for a small fee. I was just wondering how easy is this to do, is there any chance of it being rejected?

I was thinking of renting and apartment and spending 3 months there, but only if I am sure I could actually stay that long.

Open this website  www.revenue.gov.to   go to bottom of page and click on "tariffs and fees" under customs.
On that page click on "travellers" on the left hand side of the page.

Thanks, however my question still remains, is this easy to do? Is it pretty much guaranteed to get the extension? Is it a long and complicated process?

When we did it some years ago with 10 of us aboard a yacht, it took no time at all in Govt office in Nukualofa.

Thanks that is good to know.

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