Attard : apartment rental cost guide

What would be a reasonable budget for a 3 bedroom apartment rental in Attard, long let ?

Thank you in advance.

Look on agents sites there's a good chance they will not be available but will give you an idea of costs.

Hi Andy,
I work as an agent and prices are going up all the time, in fact, they went up around 40-60% based on last year's rentals. Sadly, the agents here do not display on their websites what is readily available and they will tell you it's because they are gone so quickly but the reality is to draw you to them and be attractive to the renter. 

At the moment rental prices in that area and everywhere else are going crazy so you will easily be looking at around 800-1200 for a 3 bedroom decent apartment.

I don't deal in that area so can't directly help you but if you do find something haggle down the price and fix yourself in for 12 months as next year will go crazy then the prices will drive people out of Malta. We are expecting the market to bust or change.  Dave

GozoMo:  I have checked many sites, but as dhirst2901 has explained,
rental prices seem to be at an inflection point; pricing beyond the means of many locals, and some expats, too; meaningful yearly % increases, from what I have read elsewhere.

I don`t know if any price-curbing legislation is in the pipeline.

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