Family joining visa

Hii. I would to know if i can directly apply for family joining visa for my wife and 2 year son. I had given all required documents to thr pro of my company but still he doesnt want to process the visa. Is it possible to apply visa by myself?

Hi Expatomanr,

In matters official, an expatriate employee has little or no say whatsoever.

All business transactions would have to be necessarily routed through the Omani company PRO only.

No expatriate would be entertained by any ministries or directorates directly, except perhaps the Ministry of Manpower (to receive expatriate employee's complaints).

In your case, if you are given 'family status' then no one stop your family from joining you. If in your employment contract, you do not have 'family status' then no one can help you keep your family with you for a maximum of over 4-months at a stretch.

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