UK Regulations on Sending money to Brazil

Moving to Sao Paulo for work and realising how difficult it is to find any company that can transfer money from a UK bank account to a Brazilian bank account. Why is this? They all quote 'tight regulations' as the reason why they dont provide such a service. I have tried many of the reliable providers / Post Office International Transfer / Virgin International Money / FC Exchange / All no go.. It looks like my only option will be to go with a Bank transfer that will incur a high charge and a low exchange rate, has anyone an idea why this is and what my best options are?

Transferring money from UK to Brazil is expensive, however I usually find that having a UK bank account helps when withdrawing money directly from a Brazilian bank. Just take cash from the cashpoint machine. The exchange is much less for smaller transactions than going through the transfer process.
Depends on the amount or frequency of your transfers.

Try TransferWise

Thanks I will, transfer wise seems to be the best option outside of bank transfers. It still costs considerably more than most other transfers though, Foes anyone have an idea why? What are the regulations that make this exchange so costly? And is this a UK / Brazil issue, or is it just transferring from anywhere to Brazil in general ?

Anywhere to Brazil is expensive. Not sure why, but I presume taxes is one, also the banking system is different, I.e no IBAN exists, so depending on currency, your money may get routed via elsewhere so this increases fees also.

Speedfast are excellent and cost effective.  Give them a call!

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