Looking for amateur players for a band

Hi all!
I'm an (completely) amateur guitarist that is looking for people to partner up with to play for fun and also to socialize. I'm mainly interested in playing covers. Some names I like: Alexi Murdoch, Damien Rice, Tom Waits...but I'm quite open.
Anyone interested? :)

Hi al073356,

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You may also drop an advert under the Artists & musicians in Utrecht section of the website to help spread the word.

I'm a big fan of Alexi murdoch myself and I do play some guitar but unfortunately we are too far from each other.



Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your message. Just did it.

What a pity. Is not easy to find people that knows his beautiful music.


Hi there! I'm up for this, love Damien Rice - Is it just you or others?



Thanks for your message. For the moment it's myself and maybe a bassist. What would you like to play?


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