Period to moving in Singapore


I would like to ask within how long after EP is approved, we need to move in SG?

Thank you

Check your reporting date (Date of joining), if you still have doubt when you need to join then ask HR.

Thanks for the reply.
I mean if there any requirement from MOM to enter SG? The company allow me up to 2-3 months. But want to know the by law one.

Thank you again :)

it's usually 6 months, it is stated on your IPA

Oh thank you so much :)

Additional info on In Principle Approval (IPA) Letter: within validity period (it can be from 1 month to 1 year - must have indicated in the IPA letter) if you are unable to join, can be requested for one month grace period (one time allowed under a valid reason from employee). Below link from MoM for your reference: … e-approval

Great! Thank you so much.

Ussually, how long would it take?

What do you mean by how long will it take? Post your query with clarity, please.

It really depends on individual credentials, country you come from and number of family members you travelling with. You can check for more details. Good luck, Ben

Thanks, Ben.

Hi surya,

I am currently working in spass, my new company applied spass which had 2 month validity and its going to expire on Jan 28.

Due to 2 month notice in my current compnay, I can leave Feb 1week only.

My new company say they will extend spass.
When I check in mom site. Extension info they only mentioned for work permit (WPonline). The link you provided also same.

Is spass allowed extend ipa validity and anyone did it.

I have Google it I didn't get any clear info.

Thanks in advance.

Extension means renewal of working pass prior to its validity expires. So, if your employer willing to renew the pass then they suppose to do it much earlier (can be done 2 months before it expires). Ask them to apply online for renewal ASAP, surprise to know that your pass only got 2 months validity. If your pass expires on January 28, 2018 then you can stay legally till February 28, 2018. Bear in mind, pass renewal may take few weeks at least, if not few months. Good luck

Sorry for confusion..

I have valid Spass until next year.

My question is I got another job and new company applied spass and got approved already. Ipa validity is 2 month which is ending Jan 28.

As I can leave from current company on Feb 1st week only.
New company cannot issue pass by 28th Jan.

Hence needs to extend validity of (New spass) ipa.

Is it possible or needs to spass apply again.?

Next time write clearly. IPA can be extended to one more month (from the orginal expiry date mentioned in IPA letter). The employer can request before it expires. Normally, IPA letter valid for one month then can be extended for another one month. After then can’t extend further, employer has to apply pass once again.

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