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how to know the final exit visa itself?

please i just wanna know about my problem 😢😢😢

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how to know the final exit visa itself?

Your question is: how to get final exit? What the process? Or how to find out last exit visa status?

*how to get the final exit and what the process?*
=> with the introduction of the online system launched by ministry, you can simply have an active ministry of interior account>> login through Absher account>> e-service then find passport on the left column. Click it and choose dependent service. >> a new page will appear mentioning details of different types of visa you can process using this service. Just click on the "next" button given at the end of the link.>> click on the "more details" button of the dependant for whom final exit visa is going to be issued.>> read the term then click "okay"
1. Only your sponsor can issue final exit visa for you.
2. Once the visa is issued, it can be canceled within 2 month without any fine or penalty from the date of issuance.
3. You re responsible to destroy the iqama of the dependant for whom you are issuing.
4. You will be asked to pay the dependents fee for two months beyond the date you are applying for the final exit visa before issuing it as the validity of the visa is 60 days.

*how to check the status of final exit visa*
1. Visit www.moi.gov.sa>> you can also read the "public query of exit/re-entry visa status"
2. Enter your "iqama number", "sponsor ID", captcha, "visa number" and "passport number" >> click the "view" button

Another website to check visa status is: 1. Open www.mol.gov.sa.
2. In the 2nd box رقم الاءقامة enter your iqama number then the captcha >> then click button بحث
٣. If your final exit visa is still in the process or you are still working you will see خروج نهاي


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