What are my options?

Hi, I am living in the UK , my ID expired  and to renew it I have been asked for a proof of residence in Romania. I am not living there since 2004 and I don't have relatives or friends there to ask a favor. How can I have ID in this circumstances?

Why would you need a BI/CI if you're living in UK for 13 years and have no ties to the country?  You should have a RO passport and some sort of UK ID by now, which be should be ok for anything :unsure

What I understand is the same as what you've been told; without domicile in Romania, you cannot renew your ID.

Expat.com Experts Team

He might not necessarily have a passport - he could have entered the UK with his (then valid) ID card.

You should probably go to the Romanian embassy where you can get a document allowing you to travel back to Romania (even with an expired ID card) and then try and sort it out. You don't have a friend there you could stay with while you renew the ID?

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