Invitation letter for tourist Visa

Dear all,
I am a Cameroonian national and wants to visit Brazil for tourism. I will be visiting the city of Sao paulo
Please can somebody help me to recommend a travel agent who can process an invitation letter? I will also like to know the requirements, cost and processing time.  Thanks.

waiting to hear from you soon.

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Hi Markmeb

You dont really need an Invitation letter to get a Tourist Visa

You will need the following documents
- Original Passport, (valid for at least six months prior to its expiration date)
- passport size photograph
- return flight ticket
- Hotel reservation
- 3 Month Bank Statement with enough available funds (Minimum 2.5 Million cfa)
- Proof of employment (Letter from employer and payslips)

Hello Sir/ Madam
                      I need some your help, my cousin live in Brazil Bahia state, i need to going to meet them, how I am get a turist visa,
And how I am get invitation letter going to the live with them  2 month.
If I am traveling with returning tickets then My journey is possible.  Please tell me clearly

Please reply me



Go to the website of the Brazilian consulate. There you will find a list of documents and fees that you will need to submit. as far as invitation letter if you show proof of ample finances, bank statement . also if you are staying in a hotel and have a copy of your reservation I don't think you need an invitation letter.


But I am stay 2 months my cousion home, then need invitation letter

Hello sir.
How much chances for Afghanistan national to get Brazil visa

It will be up to the person processing it. It's really difficult to understand what they well do. Just apply and see what happens.


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