Obtaining Card D directly from card A

Dear Expats,

I recently went to the commune in Mons (where I stay) to apply for unlimited stay based on my 5 years of stay in Belgium. I was asked for all my salary slips of past 5 years, 6 work permits, insurance details, passport copy and they even took the criminal record to apply for long term resident card. They told me they will be applying for card D and the maximum waiting time would be 5 months.

I have read some conflicting details online regarding the requirement to have a card B in order to obtain card D. When I called the commune about it, they assured that I could apply for card D based on my stay and the documents provided by me above and it does not matter which card I possess (A,B or C) while applying for it.  Have you had any experience or are aware of anyone who applied for card D directly?

Any help is appreciated.

Answering my own question based on personal experience so it can help anyone else with the same doubt:
I went from card A to card D directly in 5 months after applying for the same.

Hello, could you please elaborate, which insurance details they wanted?

An attestation from your mutuality or private insurance provider that you are covered.

aneeshks, thank you for reply.
For past 5 years?
Could I request this attestation on my own without asking my employer?

Yes you can ask direct to the mutuality or insurance provider. The attestation will have date of start of coverage and it will say you are still covered.

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