Got issue to go Singapore

Hi everyone. I got my EP and all my application was ready to let me go to Singapore and work. But i got my family issues and cause me can't leave my current place and go to Singapore. Is there any consequences I will have such as balcklist in MoM? Is there any possibility I can go back to Singapore and work after 2 years ?

You can give a valid reason to your employer not to join at present. MoM doesn’t have an issue who join and who not. It’s the employer who informs MoM the reason during cancellation of your EP. if employer didn’t complain then should be fine. If they put up a complain note then it could be a negative point in your record.

To come here after 2 years, nobody knows the market situation, Govt rules, demand in your working field and many other aspects. So, you will go through the same process again and no guarantee that your EP would be approved if an employer hires you and apply EP. Good luck

You should definitely follow the termination procedure and notice period stipulated in your employment contract - or find a mutually agreeable solution with your employer. As Surya said, they have the possibility (and, if you don't follow the contract, also the right) to lodge a complaint against you with MoM, which will negatively impact your future work pass applications.

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