Expected salary for Business development in BGC, Taguig City

Hi, I am Reza, from Indonesia. I just got a job offer as Business development executive in BGC, Taguig City. Honestly, I don't have any experience about living in Philippines. and I would like to collect your suggestion about the expected salary for expat living in Philippines.
About my position, I currently working as Digital marketing manager for 2 months (with training) and my background study is Computer engineering. I've been participate in business plan competition. I think it might be considered for interviewer to determine the salary. Anyway, I already research for the rent room/apartment, it cost around P4k up to P20k. I decided to make it P23k for my expected salary, what do you think guys about this? I hope I can get answer ASAP, because I need to fill up the tables of salary information today.



i'm from Indonesia too :)

my suggestion is...

i HIGHLY suggest to not set 23K as your expected salary. The average range for Indonesian expat here is 45k up to 100k. you may start to bargain from 60k, then you can lower it down from there but never ever accept below 45k.

Besides, if your expected salary as an expat is slightly higher than in Indonesia, why bother to move away from your family and friends, right? :)

there are a lot of Indonesian in BGC and Makati. so dont worry about how to live in the Philippines. you'll have a lot of "siblings" here :)

oh i forgot to tell you. 4k is the bedspacer. i lived there before, 3500/month but i lived with another 11 girls in my unit, divided by 6 girls in each small room whom i barely knew. and it's dirty too.. you dont want to live in those places..

so better set the price 60k and above, and you have an experience as a manager anyway. :)

you may live in mandaluyong area with 12k minimum for a studio unit in a condominium in Edsa (it's like one of the main road in metro manila) and it has an easy access and pretty near to BGC.

I can help you with those stuffs when you're here. ping me :)

Thank you so much Amanda, I didn't know that so many Indonesian expats in Philippines, you are so helpful. I will try to explain my expected salary with accommodation details from you. Wish me luck for the job :)

there are a lot of Indonesian here especially in makati since they have a lot of betting companis there. there are also a lot of indonesian students in pasay and cavite and other universities too. given that fact, it's actually kinda hard to find a job for indonesian if you're not here yet, cause the company can just hire 1 here. so you can consider yourself lucky :D
there are also several indonesian restaurants own by indonesians too. a lil bit pricey compare to indo, ofc. like pecel ayam is P180 (almost IDR 50k) or batagor P150 (same, almost IDR 50k) and the portion is too small, but at least you can still taste the "heaven" here. hahaha
dont forget to stock up your chili sauce. there's none here.

Hahaha thank you for your advice, considering of my job offer I already being an "international job seeker" since few weeks ago. I know it's not easy as find a job in Indonesia, but I have passionate to work abroad to gain my experience and that's important to grow career path.
Yesterday, I just recently sent required document to the hiring manager. And again wish me luck! :)

true! and just to be secured, you may have yourself checked first, complete medical check up. cause in order for you to get the working visa and get hired too, you need to pass the medical exam and it's wayyyy more ribet than the med exam in indo. even though the ceo is really want you to join them but the medical center will not provide you with the fit to work certificate, the ceo will have nothing to save you. one of my friend had flek in his lungs and the doctor said he needed to undergo some therapies, then his company cancelled his job offer when he was in the middle of product training. so better be prepared for that too.

but anyway, good luck!  :)

hi Reza,

how was it? i hope everything is going well with the job offer. :)

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