Teaching in Vietnam without a degree

Hi there
My name is Courtney and I'm from South Africa
I was reading through the forum about teaching in Vietnam without a degree and then lost track of the forum and cannot track it, from Jan/Feb/March 2017 hence this message.

Is not having a degree be all and end all???

I completely understand why its a requirement but surely someone who at least has tertiary education, a Diploma could be considered?

I have completed my diploma, I was unable to complete my degree and I have done a TEFL course and I have teaching experience.

I'm applying or trying to apply for Jobs in China, South Korea and Vietnam

Is anyone able to assist me with us, if you have had a similar question or experience?
could you possibly put me in touch with contacts?

Looking for options to pursue my dream!!

Perhaps there is some confusion with respect to terminology.   You say:

Courtzdr :

I have completed my diploma, I was unable to complete my degree and I have done a TEFL course and I have teaching experience.

Do you have a piece of paper that says you have successfully completed four years at a university?     What do you mean by "my diploma?"  is that a two year course?  Do you have five years of teaching experience and is it verifiable, at least on an official looking documents?

(Sadly the very indefinite current British usage "at university" and "graduated university" are creeping into US English which traditionally used articles and prepositions such as "a" or "from a".)

I completed my Diploma through a college and not University.
I have a Diploma in Human Resource Management- so its equivalent to an NQF level 5 or 6 - so yes its a 2 year course.

By teaching experience, I have taught Sunday school and worked with kids for a few  years- nothing on official document but I have a reference letter.

It's a little difficult to tell exactly what you are recommending as the moderators are holding the link, but are you suggesting that people should use a fake diploma from an internet site?  And what is a "real Universality License"?  It certainly does not sound like a Baccalaureate degree.

It is sometimes difficult to avoid advocating doing things that are illegal but still customary in Vietnam.  An example is giving the traffic cop the 200,000 VND bribe that he expects.  Using a fake diploma seems to be another order of magnitude.

Personally, I like to keep everything on the legal side of things - remembering I am a guest in a strange country with no rights to anything and I don't care about having free room and board in the local jailhouse.

In the British education system, the following credentials are equivalent to the American education system:

- Diploma is equivalent to Associate of Arts degree in American system.
-Graduate is someone who completed a bachelor's degree.
-postgraduate is someone who is attending or has completed a master's or a doctoral degree.

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