Could anyone help us find family of our dear friend?

Hello everyone. My name is Reinie Vinke - van Boven. And I am searching for family of an friend of mine. I am hoping that someone of you can help me find someone of his family. That would be so great.

This is his story.

I am Martijn Rahmad Anwar and at the moment I live in Rotterdam.
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 19th March 1982.
I am looking for my birth parents.

The name of my mother is Sitih Hasanah and the name of my father is Mr. M Nuh.
Their last known address is: Baladewa Kira 24.04, Jakarta Pusat.
The nurse who helped during my birth was Sari Hab.
After living with my parents I was brought to a place which is now the Karya Hotel.
Adres: Jalen Raden Saleh no. 37. The Nun who arranged this was Nun Janny.
On the 22th of July 1982, I flew to the Netherlands together with my foster parents Jon & Joke van Eenennaam.

Unfortunately I don’t have any more information. If you have any details of my parent’s whereabouts please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you in Advance.

I am hoping that someone can help us.

Thank you very much!
Reinie Vinke - van Boven

Have you not thought of coming out here to look yourself. It would be easier I am sure

He has been to Jakarta once to search, but he did not find anyone. To come back is a little expensive for my friend. Of course he comes to Jakarta if we finds family of him :)

Do the family want to be found?

From personal experience to a similar situation, has your friend thought about the impact to his well being "if" he found his birth parents or the well being of his birth parents for that matter?
If your friend has both parents birth details it won't be that difficult to find a connection some way down the road, even in Indonesia,
The most difficult part he has to truly answer to himself is "why does he need to do this" the chances are he was placed in this situation for his benefit, after 35 years many things are best left alone, the answers I got are not always the ones people want to hear, good luck to your friend

I think there is nothing wrong with wanting to find your long lost parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins or any other family member or friend. Let's try to be more positive about the OP's request rather than try to make guesses about something we no nothing about. Just as Gwmeath is suggesting the possibility that the parents wouldn't want to be found, it might be that the parents have lived with a mistake all their lives and might want to be found.

I'm not suggesting his parents don't want to be found ( could well be the case)
The implications with doing this can be huge and in many cases have a huge negative impact (this case could be different) not only for the child but both birth parents and adopted/ foster parents siblings etc.
Anyone who does this has to be prepared for many many years of either a new and extended family or plain rejection, sadly it's the latter all to often for many many different reasons but that's not to say this case would be negative.
I hope he finds the answers he's looking for but he also has to be prepared for negative outcomes

Thank you all for replying.
Martijn thought hard and long for years, that his search for his family can end well or bad. For him, it's just important to know if there is anybody who misses him. Perhaps he has brothers or sisters, who know of his existence, but have no opportunity to seek for him. Martijn is such a lovely man, everyone just hopes he finds his family. If he does this, at least he can say that he has done everything he can. He has a large crowd of family and friends around him in the Netherlands, who support him through thick and thin. If our search does not go well, the people around him who love him so much, will take care of him. But we hope that he find his family .... and he gets his and they live happily ever after :)

I hope someone reads his story and wants to help us in the search for Martijn's family.

Yes you are right, your friend should keep trying as much as possible. Naturally the outcome could be positive or negative or probably no outcome at all. And we are not children that need to be told that the outcome could be negative, we are all educated intelligent people here and already know that. We've all watched Troy whatshisname on TV. I just don't like to see such negativity in such a matter. because that person obviously has considered every situation that might arise if he finds his parents.

If you can help him then please help. But please don't talk about the negative possibilities because that is an unknown and he has certainly considered that already. No offence buddy.

Does your friend have any birth details of his natural parents i.e. Mum and dads place of birth that would be a huge help
Alternatively, where his natural parents married? I'm not 100% but I think marriages in Indonesia state on marriage documents place of groom and brides place of birth, if not now they certainly used to, again this would be a huge help
Possibly a central government department in Jakarta may help with obtaining copies of above mentioned documents
I presume he is a citizen of the Netherlands now? This could pose research issues for him and obtaining copies of any documents.
He could possibly ask for assistance from the Netherlands consulate / embassy for guidance

I can only speak about my own personal experience in a very similar situation, so before passing judgment on what I can say or not say, it's not offensive it's factual and life changing

The information Martijn has from his parents in my first message.
Yes Martijn has the Dutch status.
Martijn has already called the Indonesian embassy in the Netherlands. But we do not expect much help from them.  The same goes for a Dutch TV program, a program that reunites families. They even reported that they could not do anything for him. There are a lot of adoption children in the Netherlands who come from Indonesia.

Bit of a long shot, but have you tried the likes of twitter, Facebook LinkedIn etc, I found a brother and sister on Facebook in a different country, may take a while but better than nothing

How about local adds in a paper in Jakarta? Radio station? Maybe someone knows of a tv show in Indonesia that does similar? A local church community (you mentioned a nun)  who may have some other records?

I asked Martijn if he could answer you here. That's a bit easier;)

Hi there,

I am Martijn Anwar I would like to explain some things but thirst I want to thank Reinie for all  her effort. :cool:  :heart:

The reason that I want to find my parents is that I have a feeling that my life would me more complete than it already is.
I realise my search is a big long shot but it is a shot I would like to take.

Besides the information Reinie posted I have also a google map picture but I am not quite sure if this is the right location. So I hope that one of the expat members can verify that this picture matches with the right adres namely Baladewa Kiri 24, Jakarta Pusat.

The picture has the following webadres :

If you got some information at all, please contact me. My email adres is : ***

Thank you very much in advance.

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I can't comment on the google maps as I don't know jakarta well,
I was fortunate to trace my siblings through Facebook and in turn I was able to contact my birth parents, at the time I was in the UK and and immediate family split between Germany and New Zealand, I had no idea of first name/s and took a chance on my family name. (I actually went through by country to country and never thought for a moment it would work)
I did a quick search on your birth mothers name on Facebook and they are a lot with the same name and spelling in Jakarta but it could be worth sending messages to all as in my case I found a brother with the same name as our birth father (I only had a first initial and family name to use, sending messages to strangers for almost 4 years)
I've not looked but possibly they are genealogy groups within Indonesia who I have found in the past enthusiastic and very helpful.
It's probably worth contacting the Dutch consulate/ embassy in Indonesia as apposed to your one in the Netherlands and the same with the Indonesian one also
But I would certainly try to contact a convent  in Jakarta as in your case a nun was involved who may help
As I said in an earlier post, local radio, newspaper etc may help, possibly someone on here may offer guidance on tv shows that may assist with such matters
I wish you luck with it all and know exactly how you feel

Hi everyone,

@ReinieV and MartijnAnwar1982, I suggest you to drop an advert under the Missing people in Indonesia section of the website, it might help if your search gets more exposure.

Thank you and I truly hope you succeed in finding your birth parents.


Thanks for the tip Christopher :)

Thanks for the information!!!

Hi Martijn,

I am Zulyan. I live in Jakarta. I can help you to check the address you mentioned and see whether any clue there, if you still need it. But no promise I have better information than you have or I can get it quickly as I will do it on my free time or week end only.

Let me know if you still need some help.



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