Planning to Move in Malta

Hello everyone,

We are a couple living in France  and we are planning to move in Malta soon. My husband is a french/british ( both hold a passport) and i'm a Filipino ( Philippine passport). I have a schengen spouse visa now. We have so much worries about finding a job in Malta. My husband works now as a night reception in one of the hotel in France and he wanted to look for a day time position in hotel industry in Malta. Do we need to provide an English language proficiency certificate when we look for a job or it is not really necessary?  What is the best time to look for a job? Is it better to go for an agency in finding a job which i was planning to do as well? How is the life there? The rent etc like in Saint Paul?

For the visa, would it be a problem for me as i am not a European?

Thank you in advance for all your advice. Very much appreciated.


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