Moving to Beijing - Pollution concerns

Hi My name is Brooke, My husband and I are considering a move to Beijing with our 2 children (6 & 10 years).  My 10 year old son suffers from Asthma and dust mite allergies.  I am interested to hear from anyone with allergies living in Beijing just to see how the air pollution effects your quality of life.

I understand that air purifiers are essential.  Do they help?


Hello Brooke,

I visited Beijing 2 years ago, and I confirmed some areas are very polluted! If your son suffers from an allergy, Air purifiers shall be a must like you mentioned yourself.

There are special kind of air purifiers which are designed for allergic persons; You can try this link which elaborates in details some kind of purifiers which have been specially designed for allergic persons!


My hayfever problem vanished when I moved to China.

I suggest you get professional advice from a medical expert regarding your son's allergies and Beijing air quality. Check for example the Beijing air quality index as posted by the US embassy in Beijing. There is an American doctor living in Beijing who has a regular health blog he might agree to answer your questions.

Regarding air filters - if they are effective it is only for enclosed spaces. ie your son's bedroom. What happens when he is outside, goes to school or goes to a friend's house???

Air filters do exist but are not commonly used. Many people though do use humidifiers and de-humidifiers depending upon time of year.

There are some days a year when there is a pollution problem sometimes sand being blown in from Mongolia. I have no idea what effect that would have on your son's health.

I suspect that most people on this forum, me included, are not qualified to give you an answer.

I have Asthma,although its not as bad now compared to when I was younger.I have been to Beijing at different times of the year without any problems,but I would take Manlin's advice and see a doctor as many different things can trigger an attack.

Thank you for your replies, I greatly appreciate your comments.
We will definitely be consulting with my sons respiratory specialist before we make any decisions.  It is always helpful, however, to get the opinions of people who have first hand experiences.


do yourself and yoru friend a favor. Stay out of Beijing.
this city is filled with Dust. its 1000's of years old dust and has some pretty horrific sand storms each spring.
not to mention a lot of smog.

other cities have better conditions. check around.

Ive been here for 8 years in beijing and now have had enough.
6 million cars, 20 million people, horrible traffic, over priced housing.
the only true benefit for most people is that beijing offers jobs, education and health care facilities.

I'd look in the south if i were you. Beijing will be a desert someday.

Air quality has already been discussed. It really sucks. I have asthma and am a little tight, but not too bad. Hit the albuterol a few times in the past month. Another concern is there is a severe shortage of pediatricians in Beijing. There may be differences in medications as well. If your child has required hospitalization for asthma exacerbations, your best bet would be to avoid Beijing if at all possible. I am a pediatric RN practicing in the US.

listen to your dr.

Ummm.... major dust, major smog.  Most of the time its one or the other.

and not any chance of it getting better. beijing is dry and suffers from sand coming from the gobi desert and just like most northern cities, its dry.

hence, I am moving south.

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