Paying bills in Papua New Guinea

Hello everyone,

What bills do you pay? If you are renting, are bills included in the price of rent, and is this common practice in Papua New Guinea?

How can you pay your bills (e.g. online, at provider's store, at the post office)? Which is the most convenient or reliable way?

With what frequency are different bills sent in Papua New Guinea? Are there different deadlines for payment?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi Pricilla,

Most bills in png are prepaid, unless they are paid by your company as part of your compensation package.  Bills include prepaid cell phone: there are three providers and "top up" or recharging your account can be done with a credit or debit card online or by buying credit at just about any shop in the city.  propane is used forcooking and you various sizes of tank and refill.  The medium sized tank is about k100 $30 USD and lasts about 3 months. Electricity is also prepaid.  It can be paid with credit through your cell phone or at any "easy pay" outlet located in most larger stores in town. My wife and I have a small two bedroom apartment and pay about k120 $40 USD per month.  We have air con in the bedroom, but try to use it sparingly.  Using air con all the time can get expensive.  fans work well.  Water is billed.  If you are used to using a checking account....forget it. Checks are nearly worthless here as they accept a check but you can not get your purchase for up to,10 days as they week wait for the check to clear before releasing your goods. Internet is usually by cellular.  It is also prepaid and you can buy as much as you want, whenever you need it.  Telecom is by far the fastest and cheapest for internet. They also have show dsl. There are a couple of options for tv.  There is a satellite service, a cellular/wireless from digital play service and a new click tv service.  Digital play seems to be the best value.  Again it is prepaid. Basically PNG is pay as you go.  Hope that helps. Any other questions please private message me, I week be glad to answer what I can.

If not provided by your company, basic bills are: water, electric, cellular, internet, propane for cooking, tv, and vehicle fuel.  Water is post paid and everything else is generally prrepaid.  You pay for electric in advance at almost any major shipping area or grocery store, or now you can buy phone credit and pay via cellular.  Personal cellular is prepaid.  Cellular Internet is prepaid. Tv is prepaid.  Checks are nearly worthless here as they rewrite then to be processed through your bank before they would read your purchased Good's.    Plan on waiting 7-10 days (if someone remembers to call the bank to see if it clears).

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