Can i work to GCC without final exit in KSA?

Dear All,
I have a 2-year contract in KSA and after finishing that, there's is no new contract if i want to continue working with the company. i took vacation and have the re entry visa. I avail a salary loan equivalent to my supposed service award and to be paid on my return to continue working in the company. The amount is equivalent to my service award for that completed two-years contract.

When i was in our country PI, i undergone medical examination and the doctor advise me to rest for at least 3-months. I decided not to go back in KSA and I coordinated to my employer about this if it possible to have a remote clearance, request to compensate my loan against the supposed service award and committed that i have to pay if there will be a difference between these but no reply up to this time.

Can i apply to work in other GCC considering my issue mentioned above?

Your inputs and comment highly appreciated...

As long as you get the work visa for any other GCC country, you are eligible to work there. However, if you won’t go on final exit, you will be banned here to work/to enter for certain years. Dunno though how much !!

The Ban is for Two years to re-enter KSA. But othere GCC Visa can be applied after expiry of your Iqama Validity.

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