Anyone knows about Termo da responsibildade e manutencao?

Anyone can give me idea about "Termo da responsibildade e manutencao"?what is structure of this document?Actually my wife wants to apply her VIPER visa from Pakistan on the behalf of my RNE and Brazil embassy asked her to submit this document.Moreover also inform me that what is the maximum validity of this document?

You can google the document online a get a copy of it. It is about having someone responsible for her financially.  If your wife has a visa for Brazil the process is much easier here.


please someone can send a sample of Termo da responsibildade e manutencao here?actually tried to find it but unfortunately I did not find it.
if possible then also tell me about validity of this document?i am here in brasil Brazil and my wife is in Pakistan,she wants to apply her VIPER visa there.

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