Musicians in Lisbon?

Greetings, forum!
  We are traveling to Portugal in 2018 and are contemplating a full/permanent move some time after, although we have not settled on a precise area to live within the country.   

  Besides work, my wife and I are interested in meeting other musicians for informal jams, and possibly joining or organizing a performing act.  We've played various genres but currently perform across our home town with Irish, Country and Americana traditional tunes.  However, new genres are always fascinating to explore. Let us know if you're interested in meeting!

  Are there active bars or clubs that host musicians for jams?  What are your observations of the live music scene in your area(s)?

  Aside: Being a new member and having read the forum for a few hours tonight, I wanted to thank everyone for the various interesting topics and threads.  We're pre-move as of this post -  so if you remember such a time, we're nervous and excited and overwhelmed with the planning!   Much gratitude to you all for the discussions.

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