So......I took the plunge and I bought a brand new house not far from Merida, which I am intending to slowly turn into my retirement domicile.....right now I'm not quite close enough in age to make that leap, but time is not standing still as they say :)
Since my command of the Spanish language is somewhat lagging behind, I need a bit of local experience to help me get started with a few things....OK, a lot of things, but one at a time. Don't get me wrong, I have some local contacts by way of the people who sold me the house, but I don't know that I can lean on them for too much longer....and I don't want to be a pest either.
So now that the house transaction is done, the next thing on the agenda is to buy a car in Merida this weekend, I'm flying down on Wednesday. After lots of searching, I have picked out the car; it comes from a used car lot, a reputable one from what I can tell (with reliable local confirmation, or so I think). To that end, I have a few questions about how and where to register it properly.
My questions:
1. I understand that the title system is entirely different in Mexico and that I need the original dealer invoice (factura), but where do I go once I have it?
2. The other thing is that this is a more or less classic car from the early 80's and I wonder how that affects my ability to obtain said documents. Any advice buying cars in Merida?

Would appreciate any help....

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