Waiting for EP approval


I am waiting for the EP approval for almost 4 weeks. The status online is still pending. I wonder if MOM will contact the HR of my company before the result come out or we just wait for final result? And how long would they take to consider nowadays?


For your first question, answer is no, MoM doesn’t reach out before approval or rejection unless they need additional information. You have to wait. For second question, read several threads in this forum where participants had already discussed about the same question. Good luck

Thank you so much ^^

Hi, I have waited 2 months for my Employment Pass, and my employer has checked with MOM and Mom informed them that they need another 1 month until they can reveal the result. I guess you just have to wait patiently, hope your pass won't take that long like mine :) Good luck!

Thank you so much. It is so exciting waiting for EP approval. ;)

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