Relocating to Mérida, Yucatán

I am 33yrs old from Chicago,il. I am planning on relocating to Mérida, Yucatán with my husband, a Mexican native. I am getting my TEFL certification. I speak fluent Spanish/read/write etc.

Do you think I'll Have luck finding a job as an English teacher? Or what other kinds of jobs might I be considered for? I do hold an Associates degree in Business Admin as well.

Yes I am aware of the wage differences, lifestyle differences, all of that.
Im not a retiree with a nest egg or a lot of money. Before you warn me about low wages I am more than familiar with the culture. Thanks!

I have seen regular link-in emails saying there are 800 positions in Merida. I haven't looked to see in what. But that might be a place to start.

My experience as a trained and experienced ESL English teacher in Mexico is that teaching jobs are not really a problem to find.  The issue is more the number of hours available to teach.  In other countries in which I've taught, I had no trouble getting 25-30 hours of teaching per week.  Not true so far here in Mexico and teaching at two different schools, in order to have more hours, is fairly difficult since the schools tend to run the same types of class hours and you can't be in two places at once.

Hope that helps.

It does thank you! I have heard most English teachers work more than one job. Plus I plan on doing private classes as well on the side.

Thank you!

Hi there all  me and wife is planning to make a move to Mexico next year  we like yucatan for close proximity to the north , anyone make the move from Canada recently?

hi Oreo,

i would suggest you post a new subject post. this post seems to have become a working as a teacher post. It started as a Merida post . I'm really not sure you are interested in either topic, so a fresh post might work better for you.

Hi "The Oreo",

My wife and I have moved this August as permanent residents but not in the Yucatan.
After 20 years of travelling throught Mexico, we have decided to settled in the Nayarit coast, our home now is located in La Peñita de Jaltemba. We took 1 year planning  (research, phone calls,etc...)

Here is a link that could help

We decided to rent not to buy, more practical if we decide to move on and no need to register to the RFC  (income tax of Mexico).

We started the process in Montreal at the mexican consulate office, we have now completed the steps of obtaining the following:
1- permanent residency cards  (14 days) cost 4828$ pesos/person one time, temporary residency is renewable yearly
2- INAPAM cards (10 days) gives 50% discount of bus fares and mucho mas...
3- driver's licence  (5 days), cost <675$ pesos for 3 years
4- IMSS, mexican health insurance  (1 month) including translation of Canadian birth and mariage certficates they had been certified previously but the mexican consulate. Cost based on age no pre-existing diseases  (diabities, pacemaker, heart failure, major cancer) 70 years old is 7650$ pesos/year/person
5- got a PO box for mail purpose cost of 300$ pesos/year

On the Canadian aspects, we lived in Quebec, prior to decision spoked with Revenue Canada international services:
1- sold all our belongings (park model, car, no house since we were already 6 months /6 months)
2- considered as a non-resident of Canada, tax rate is now 15% no tax return to do unless you wish to apply article 217 for non-resident, we will thus reducing our tax rates to 7% for my wife and 10% for me.
3- no more provincial tax to be paid as of departure date
4- no more provincial health plan, replaced by the IMSS
5- kept our bank accounts in Canada with the mexican residency status and address
6- kept and using our ATM card even with the fees the rate is about 5% less than the international one  (nobody gets it)
7- kept our credit cards
8- kept our investments (RRSP and TFSA but can't add to them once moved), can't kept  stocks/shares and mutual funds.

Overhaul, the best decision in our life, no more stress, good healthcare, cost of living 40% less than Quebec. We rent a 2 bedroom apartment including Cable, internet, electricity, gas with pool, backyard and rooftop terrases  (ocean view), washer/dryer  9000$ pesos per month . We are walking distance to all services. Great bus services to Puerto Vallarta  for 75$ pesos per person, one way. Our monthly budget, excluding rent, is about 15000$ pesos for food, restaurants  ( 3 per week ), beer, wine, etc...

But, if you are looking for the equivalent to Canada then cost goes up.

Adios y buena suerte para su proyecto, GyC

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