Tangier or Marrakesh, Why

looking into moving to Morocco and I'm trying to decide between Tangier and its surrounding areas or Marrakesh.
I like the idea of being on or near the water.  The closeness to Europe and the mild weather year round.
Marrakesh has more to offer for things to do, night life and its central location, kinda.  Not too crazy about the heat.
Anyone faced a similar dilemma?
How did you choose?
Is night life as good in Tangier as it is in Marrakesh?
Is the cost of living comparable between the 2?
Private health care better in one location than other or similar?

I appreciate any feed back

Iam living in Tangier . It is a beautiful city which I really love where ever i go I don’t feel home even if Iam a moroccan from fes
I spent 20 years living in this city, citizens are very kind and respect foreigners
You will really love it and ine more think, it’s just 30 min in a ferry and u are in spain.
And when you want to refresh you mood, you go to the beach

Really it’s a beautiful city

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