Depend Visa DP11A Processing timeline. For Non-MSC status companies

Dear All, Our HR submitted for Dependent Pass application, which is not been approved. It was submitted about a month ago.  Anyone have suggestions how to approach ? Cause my HR when check the status its always showing in progress. And HR couldn't call ESD to ask what's happening. The ESD nunber they never pickup.

Can a employee directly pay a visit to ESD in putrajaya to ask about it ?

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What Category Professional EP do you have?

This link gives you full contacts, including email

If for dependant pass applications you have to ask directly to My expat in Surian tower. The no is +603 88923939

Or you can directly go to their office on the 16th floor in surian tower, damansara

It should not take that long to process

Thank you, i will do that tomorrow, can i approach directly instead of our HR, it seems our HR just awaiting for ESD response instead of following up.

Thanks for sharing this info, if i can approach directly i will go tomorrow.


I expect you should take your passport with you.

Only the submission officer can approach the My expat. It is best you ask HR who is the submission officer and go with them

It means to say i can not approach directly, with out my my HR who is the one submitted the application via ESD ?


Catogery 1 DP11A

Yes , the officers are only able to provide information to the submission officer.

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