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hi there,

(not sure if it's appropriate to ask question here but if not please let me know the best forum to ask)

I'd like to ask if we can use " kbida" "hbiba" "hbibi" "3omri (?)" to call friends (opposite sex)
would it make people misunderstand the feeling?
(like if a male friend call a female friend hbiba/kbida, is it normal? same as girl calling male friends
and also for married men/with partners, is it appropriate?)

Chokran bzf :)))

Well, hope you already knows what is the meaning of this words.
It's Quite inappropriate to call a friend "kbida, 3omri,hbibi/hbiba (both gender) ,and such words will surely lead to a massive misunderstanding. this words are  being used between lovers only (no problem to use them with children as well).

Thanks so much.
Yet i've heard it's quite normal between good/close friends
i guess because young generation ?

No, believe me ,  it's really not Normal between good/close friends :)

It's not between a girl and a boy, but yeah, No offense to be used between girls.

thanks so much

You're Welcome.


Can I get some help with translation please?

Yes, sure, send me a message for your privacy .

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