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DHA imposed lifetime ban due to Found scard on my lungs and declared as OLD-TB. I retest for Active and OLD-TB in Pakistan,  All My Reports are Cleared  and i am not victim of TB. Scard still in my lungs but its not cause by TB. I just want to know how i Lift BAN , Because i loss my opportunity due to this. I communicate with DHA Authorites but they did not accept my Reports. I have a All the mails . Can any body help me.


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i,M just new in this forum. this is actually regarding my lung scar. i have a very long story about this. first i was deported year 2009 due to tb spot found during my x-ray in qatar. i went home to cure it, when i was home i undergo sputum 3times but result was negative but during x-ray there is spot. so i went for treatment for 6months. then i tried dubai. during medical i was very scared but thanks god i passed the medical i dont know if it was miracle or what? then after i passed that medical i became very confident that i will pass my medical on the nect time. i resigned and join new company but during this time i was unfit and again i went home. i undergo again another treatment and came back dubai. during my medical they found again my lung scar they called me again in muhaisnah and 3days checking my sputum thanks again after that test they gave me fit result. and i promised to my self i will not change another company again to avoid prob but unfortunately my company closed so i had to search another work. this time it was only change status inside dubai i didnt exit so i didnt undergo x-ray so i was very happy. i was thinkin that if your only change status no need x-ray so i was very confident again when ive got good job and good salary that they will not give me x-ray but i was shocked when i went to al baraha ive got x-ray, now they called me again for another medical. im so paranoid even if i read a lots of articles about tb scar that no longer deported. is there anybody there who can help me or anyone having idea if they are still deporting somebody having old tb scar pls?

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You said you came back to dubai. Are you deported the first time you failed in dubai? if yes, What did you do to lift the ban so you can go back to dubai?

Hello everyone please help on  how to lift life ban in UAE..about phenomena mistaken to tb scar thank

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