Teaching Job In Maldives

I am looking fwd to apply for teaching job in Maldives ...International or Private school

Is there anyone who can pass me tailored information regarding job vacancy in either of the schools.

Looking for reference of any recuritment agency.
About to Finish up my TEFL Teacher Training certified course from UK.
Keeping my fingers crossed to put my experience and learning into Practice.


Why not contact schools and teaching institution  directly?

I did it ,
Emailed twice to the concern mail box of ministry of education but unfortunately none of them turned up to reply my mail .
I suppose the box is too full to get the mail through their eye sight.

I have heard from friends that only the voice of recruitment agents can do wonders for teachers ...direct approach are certainly turned down.

Will  greatly appreciate your coopertion if you have any such email address that can get me through the proper channel .

Stay blessed

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