What was the best food you ever eat?

What a topic and so many happy memories to go at.
A lot depends on my mood at the time but an especially nice chicken and pineapple curry from my local Indian take away in the old country is likely top of the list.

Pizza, mussel marine and home made white wine what I had at Imperia / Italy; just WOW!

I have had so many amazing dishes, it's really hard to pick just one. Generally, I love pasta, pizza, and anything that is cheesy with hot sauce on top!

Arabic Kabsa with vegetables.

Definitely bak kut teh. This is something unique to Malaysia. If you find the best one, you will want to go again and again.

Vietnamese and Italy food are my favotite :D

In Chang Mai, I went to the night market and got this absolutely fabulous bowl of pineapple fried rice with shrimp. It was so good


my cooked food always be the best..

Achiekeys :

my cooked food always be the best..

Sure it is .. make sure you can invite me there :) ?

Mussel Marine (Mussels cooked with white wine), home made white wine and pizza at Imperia; WOW! Definitely unforgettable!

Zelce :

Mussel Marine (Mussels cooked with white wine), home made white wine and pizza at Imperia; WOW! Definitely unforgettable!

I do love pizza , it is glade to know you do Mussels at home .. it must be nice to be invited so

I like Shawarma with lots of Garlic Sauce , do you ?

Singaporean or Malaysian Spicy Crab   :happy:


Entenbraten, mishkak, tom yam, bihon gisado, shabu shabu and many more..

Vietnamese, Thai ~ Malaysian -- ('pad thai lemongrass' its a must)- & Korean

Thai and Malaysian foods.

Thai lan food is chilli, malaysia is Curry, Việt nam is real.

Real Japanese foods the best ever...

It's obvious Moroccan Lamb Tagine with prunes and almond and sesame seeds, I can't get enough of it.


Roasted turkey, faro and butternut topped with spinach

hmm KFC ?

Mansaf very distinct

Japanese -- the way they prepare their special 'Kobe-beef'~
a unique unsurpassing mouth-watering delicious delicacy

Corn Avar khinkal
(Dagestanian Caucasioan Russian cuisine)

Beef tartar in France

Thai food  :)  :heart:

Lots of memories are back, last we are have NYAMA CHOMA Tanzania food.
This very testy meat.

I love Indian foods and have tried them in many countries. Now Im getting addicted to them even first experience wasn't so good. Hehe

1.  Food in the restaurants of New York City's Chinatown.

2.  Blah meuk taud grateum or garlic squid .. in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

3.  Lox and cream cheese on bagels at longtime Fulton Fish Market empresario Bill Smith's place in southern Florida, the salmon shipped in from the Big Apple.

cccmedia in Lima, Peru

Chicken Karage,Ramen,Thai and Indian Curry,Biryani,Pakora,And Pho:)


Main dishes

Lamb Bihari
Lamb haleem
Chapel kebab
Chicken karahi

Meat sandwich in Xi'an small street


Tom n tom blueberry chicken sandwich

I recently had the best ramen I ever tasted. Definitely a ramen and a meal worth remembering, it was an authentic Japanese tonkatsu based ramen and boy I was blown away.

i love any dish i made with my hands and any food mom makes for me this two are best....

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