How to start a small business (dive school) in Philippines?


i would like to get informed about how to start a (small) dive school in the Philippines. It will be just me as an instructor, and maybe 1 freelance instructor i hire. I won't be selling any material, only providing dive courses.

- what kind of business should i open? (Sole proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation)
- i know i have to register a business name. Does that name has to be the same as the name of my dive school? e.g. the dive school can be "Johnny's dive school" and the business name "Johnny Enterprises"?
- do i need to register a trademark?
- do i need a work permit? how do i get that?
- in both Sole proprietorship and Partnership the spouse has a share of the company. Is there any way to avoid this? Does the person has to be your spouse or can it be someone else? And what are the risks involved for this particular example (dive shop)
- what about taxes? any estimation on how much that would be? what if you don't pay any? will they ever come after you? haha

Any advise is welcome. Thanks

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