Automobile Service Centers/Dealers in Rabat

My name is David, from the USA. I'm moving to Rabat in August. Right now, I'm trying to decide what car buy in the USA to import to Rabat.  My concern is whether I will be able to easily service my automatic suv/compact suv in Rabat. I am currently looking into buying either a Land Rover, Jeep, Honda, Acura, or Kia. Can anyone tell me their thoughts about the possibility of servicing these car brands in Rabat? Buy-in a car in Rabat is not an option as I need a car right now and can't wait. Thank you!

Jeep, honda, Kia.. Their Services are available strongly in all parts of Morocco more than Land Rover and Acura (which almost unknown There ) .

Good Luck!

What about Toyota? Thanks for your advice.

it's cool as well. you're welcome.

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