Moving to Istanbul and opening a business

Hi all, Hope yall having a nice day.
I am planning to move to Istanbul for a living, I am interested but worried about some things and I have some questions.

Is Istanbul a city that is worth moving to?

Is it SAFE over there?

Is opening a Coffe Shop in Istanbul a good idea?

Thank you  :heart:

Hi Nader,

Unfortunately, there isn't a straight answer to any of your questions. Is it worth moving there? That depends on what you're expecting from a city you're moving to. Istanbul is a very big and overly crowded place, there is always a long distance between places, you will be spending a serious amount of time to get anywhere in the city. Also there is a high chance of being scammed if you aren't experienced in dealing with people. Besides you have to learn Turkish to survive, because Turkish people hardly ever speak anything else. However Istanbul is very beautiful and there's so much to enjoy in the city. Is it safe? Well it's a huge city. It has safe neighborhoods as well as unsafe neighborhoods. As for opening a coffee shop, it could be a good idea depending on the location. It needs a serious research though. There are hundreds of coffee shops all around the city. If you can find an area with not many shops but with a good potential for that kind of business, then why not?
I'd advise you to come and explore the city for yourself first. Stay for a bit, see how things work, see how people live and then decide what to do. :)

I live in Istanbul for 20 years and I am sure it is a safe city.Istanbul is the center of commerce.
Istanbul also earns a good and logical trade.
You have to be careful about real estate agents, you can hire shops that do not do business.
population is getting crowded and needs are increasing. You can succeed by making decisions in the right sector and at the right time.

Thank you so much, hoping to be soon in Istanbul :D

Thank you so much i feel more Comfortable now about coming to Istanbul :D

When you arrive, if you want to get help from a native, you can contact.I am happy to help.

Istanbul is a wonderful city.
You can find some information below..
All the best,

Please feel free to ask any specific questions.

Thank you so much i appretiate it

Thank you so much :heart:

i am planning to open computer hardware store there could any one guide me  in that

hello raza 05, did you observe the shop's area, lease and customer potential

long story short. I wouldnt advice


There are two main area that hardware trade is going on.

1st one is they called PERPA Trade Center in İstanbul.
2nd one is a place called MECIDIYEKOY, there are plenty of shops selling hardware materials.


you should not worry if you have experience you can do it istanbul is so crowded and beautiful place also safe

hi tanks guys it's really informative I am studying & considering all my options thanks again

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