Life in sohar industrial area without driving licence

I have heard that it is difficult to stay in sohar industrial area without holding a driving licence. Is it easy to get taxis in that area? Is there any online facilities to book taxi?

It's just a normal process to settle down with valid driving license after accommodation hunt. Depending on your exact location in Sohar Industrial area, taxis are quite feasible along the main road.

Take a few taxi rides, take down their contact number, widen your taxi service provider network and you may choose the reliable taxi provider at your own preference by call in future.

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Yes living and travelling to and from Sohar industrial area is safe and easy to get to Sohar central market and any part of Oman. The most important and happiest thing is that Sohar industrial area is just a few minutes away from Sohar international airport which is just a few months before opened by the Oman's government almost in August 2017 and many international routes are operated by miscellaneous companies.

Sohar is the central hub for travellers and business persons as well because of in center of Muscat capital and Dubai, sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi capital.

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