Send from amazon to Bahia

Hi I live in the US and want to send my boyfriend a bag for putting his paintings in while he sells them. I have seen several on amazon that I want to order online and send straight to him on Bahia. I have seen some precautions on here about it being held by customs, him having to pay a possible fee for receiving it, etc. anyone have a clear answer for me?

Should I just buy one in a store and send it through a post office or is it okay to order from amazon and ship?

There are things that Amazon don´t ship overseas. You have to check with them.

It would be better to just buy it from Amazon, have it shipped to you and just resend them to Bahia yourself through registered mail via USPS. If you do it by FEDEX, there is usually a storage fee incurred at the airport terminal.

He´ll pay taxes to almost 90% (federal and state) at the post office upon retrieval. You can declare it as a gift to him and you can state whatever price you want at the customs declaration form that you fill up at the post office...


Thanks Robal!!!

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