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Hi everyone,
I'm an American student who is writing an Italian thesis to complete my Honors major and I desperately need your help! My thesis is on people who are learning/learned Italian for love (love of a significant other/family/heritage, love for the language, love for the culture) and how this affects the learning process of Italian. I'm having a difficult time trying to find people and volunteers who fit this criteria. I was hoping that this group might be able to help me in my search. I'm looking to interview people preferably in person (will be going to Italy in November/December to carry out these interviews around Italy, but I will have a home base in Siena) but will also be willing to do some Skype interviews. I'm really interested in hearing the stories of people who have learned this beautiful language for love and in learning what their experience (both positive and negative aspects of it) was like. If you guys have any questions, advice of where to look for volunteers/candidates, or are willing to speak to me yourself/know of someone, please contact me. I will be extremely thankful for your help in the completion of my senior thesis in this language.
Thank you so much!


This would be better posted in the CLASSIFIEDS-->Testimonials section of the site, as adverts are not allowed on the forums here typically.

With that said, it's been my experience that historically, people rarely respond to these academic requests.

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