Is Mauritius the right move for you / your family?

Since we moved to Mauritius 2 years ago (from London) I'm constantly being asked if Mauritius is the right choice or decision. It really is for us but that doesn't mean it is for everyone. To answer the most commonly asked questions about life here I filmed a video which might help you decide. These are also some of the things I would have liked to know when we were making our decision to move here.

I covered:

* Schools and education
* Work, business and permits (an overview as it's pretty complex)
* Healthcare
* General safety
* What it's like culturally
* General costs

I'm not sure if I can put a link here or not, so if this works, it's:

If the link doesn't work it's on the channel called "Sophie Le Brozec" on YouTube.

Good luck making your decision!



Thanks for the awesome vid, my wife, daughter and I are moving to Mauritius in February, first 6 months in a house in Tamarin from where we'll choose where to settle permanently.

Take care, maybe we'll meet you next year:)


Hi Paul,

I'm glad you found it useful - I wanted to answer all the questions I get asked and help with things I wanted to know before we came out here.

Good luck with your move out here and shout if you've got any questions!


Hi Sophie

My husband and I have followed your blogs and your You Tube video and find them interesting and filled with useful information, which is really appreciated as we make this big decision about whether to move or not, so thank you very much!

Hi VivvZ,

You are so welcome - also let me know if you want more help making the decision as next week I'm running a free masterclass on decision-making on my blog, which might help.


Thanks for the awesome video and good insights. My wife is British and we are considering moving to Mauritius from the US and this resonated so much with her.

Hi nileshd,

I'm so glad you found it useful as that was my aim :-)

I will also be starting weekly vlogs on my YouTube channel very soon - showing my everyday life here in Mauritius which you guys might find helpful too.

Sophie x

Hi Sophie,

My wife and I (and two small children) are thinking of moving to Mauritius from SA (I'm English, my wife's South African)... Thanks for this info as well as the video, very helpful! We've holidayed in Mauritius twice, and stayed in Flic en Flac and Black River. Would you say these are decent places to look for rental accommodation? And are the private primary schools in the area any good (I've looked at Telfair and Westcoast online)? I will be applying for a self-employed permit but will continue to work remotely for the South African company I currently work for.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Andy,

I'm glad you found this useful. We have lived in Tamarin and Black River and have found rental accommodation fairly easily in both. I suppose it depends what you are looking for and your budget really. Have a look at to get an idea of what there is.

Re schools, again it depends what you are looking for. Our eldest started at Telfair and then moved to Westcoast but that was because Westcoast suited us best. I know lots of people who prefer Telfair to Westcoast and vice versa as they are very different types of schools. It depends on your child and what you are looking for.

One thing I would say is to research getting your permit before coming here - we couldn't do it before we came, but they've changed it now so you can do most of the paperwork before coming out. It takes some of the risk away, especially as they can be strict sometimes about giving out permits.

There are quite a few people on the forum who can advise you more on getting your permit.

Don't hesitate to shout if I can help with anything else, and you might like to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I do a weekly round-up vlog there on our everyday life here, and places we've visited etc.

Good luck with everything!

Hi Sophie,

Many thanks for your reply! I've spoken to a company based in Mauritius regarding the permit - they've said they can facilitate the application on my behalf for a fee - might be worth doing. They didn't mention me needing to be in the country to do it, so I'll investigate a little further to see how possible it is!

And I'll also look further at schools and rental properties... Difficult from afar but it's good to get an idea. Sure I'll need to come out to see what's what first-hand at some point.

Thanks again  :)


Hi Andy,

I think you can do most of the permit process from abroad now, but any companies offering this kind of service will be able to tell you that.

Good luck with everything and shout if I can help with anything else.


Hi Andy,

There are two channels for application for Occupation Permit and Residence Permits, called Channel A and Channel B.

Channel A (if you are an investor, self-employed or retired non-citizen) provides an 'approval in principle' and you travel to Mauritius after obtaining that approval (and then transfer funds etc).

Channel B (if you are an investor, professional, self-employed or retired non-citizen) will require that you transfer funds and meet all requirements before you can apply.

All this information including the application process is now online ( So you can do it yourself.

Of course, getting professional advice will make you move quicker and prevent you from knocking your head when you jump! :-)

I will also advise atleast one prospective visit to Mauritius beforehand; the hassle and cost of having to return back home outweigh the cost of two return tickets + hotel accommodation by far.


Thanks Sophie, I'm sure I'll have more questions the further I get down the road!

And thanks Gawesh, I will take a look at the link and see what I can do!

One thing I was told was that I wouldn't need to set up a company if I was applying for a self-employed permit. Do you know if this is in fact the case?

Thanks again,


Hi Sophie,
Just watched your YouTube video 'is Mauritius the right Move for you ...." and was pleasantly surprised how informative it was. Overall it gives a pretty good take on Mauritius from the useful areas you focus on. I think (this site) ought to make your link a proper hyperlink to the video too (as an exception to their non advertising rule). It's a nicely rounded video packed with 'essential' pointers and relevant infomation.
My background is UK British based (born and lived UK London then Essex until August 2016) but of Mauritian parents. They returned here many years ago but I stayed UK but have visited the island Many times since young. I'm now here as a Mauritian Citizen (easily gained citizenship since my parents and extended family are all Mauritian). So I don't have the hurdles or applications to face as do other prospective settlers/expats intending to locate here.
I did have a 4 year stint here (living here) over 15 years ago and went to a tech college then private edu for degree level study so have some idea of the system and life as a local plus with an extended Mauritian family living all over the island have a reasonable 'local' comprehension. But then I went back home to UK.
I don't have any further advice to add other than agree that the island might not be what everyone wants (it's always subjective) but might be for others.
There's plenty more details on the forum under different subject titles and sections but I will add that I was formerly not so keen on the idea of living in Mauritius (it was a family item that required my reluctance on relocating here) but since I've been here, 18 months now, it's a lot better than what I remember of it 11-12 years ago. True it is a melting pot of influences from several main places and cultures and all the other things you mention in your video.
The one aspect I was not keen on in Mauritius before was the lack of resources. By this I mean activity , nightlife , clubs , hobbies and services , eg libraries , 24hr shopping etc BUT (although there still isn't 24hour shopping, which isn't a real problem as such) I am pleased to say that things are better, much improved with more available than compared to before.
However there are definite differences comparing the east side of the island to west i.e. from the north to west down to the southwest where more development has been concentrated and where most expats reside. There is now definitely more resources and a higher availabilty of services/ activities but that's not to say there's nothing at all on the east ... simply in less quantity.
However it is an island so it's not that restrictive to get from one side of the island to the other.

I look forward to having a look at your other videos.
I simply wanted to commend your video (the one I've just watched) I think it's pretty good and I'm sure a helpful one to quite a few thinking to come to Mauritius. (Reminds me , I guess I should hit the like icon and subscribe to the channel).


Hi Sophie,
I echo everyone else's comments here that your video was really helpful and informative, and as I'm researching into our upcoming move, I'm just very thankful that you have made it!
We will be relocating towards between May and June (timelines are very sketchy right now) but I am struggling with trying to find out about homeschooling on the island. I have four kids, and am an active homeschooler here in South Africa - just wondering if you have any further knowledge on homeschooling on the island?


liked your comment, I want to move as this place has become a dream that I want to live, I am finding it difficult to search for jobs online and have no contacts on the Island. any leads on how I can secure a job to be able to live my dream

Sorry to dannygeere and Cape Explorer - I've only just seen your comments now!

Danny - thank you so much for your lovely message, I'm glad you found my video helpful and I hear the island has changed a lot in the last few years, there certainly seems more and more to do, easier to shop etc now than even when we arrived in 2015.

Cape Explorer - for information on homeschooling your best bet is probably to create a new forum topic on that subject to attract people's attention who are in that situation.

Zeain - I'm sorry I can't help with jobs as I am self-employed but maybe you can create a new post on that subject?

Hi Andy God,

I am interested in relocating from Durban, South Africa to Mauritius with my wife and two small children.

I am self-employed in Durban and would like to setup an office for myself in Mauritius as well as some other business ventures I have planned.

Were you able to acquire a business permit? I would appreciate any information / advice you could offer to me with regards to setting up a company in Mauritius as well as acquiring a residency permit for self-employed individuals.


Hi Sophie

Thank you for the video, what you mentioned there covered a very good general knowledge for almost everything we need to know.  It is more or less similar to what we found and noticed when we were in Mauritius for 3 weeks back in summer time.

It is likely we will move to Mauritius next Sep.


I'm so glad to hear it helped, do shout if you have any questions.

Sophie x

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