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Any Filipino expats here in changzhou? Would probably love to meet you!

Pwede ako ate huu yes

I'm not sure what you are speaking?  I only speak English.  Are you saying "Yes, you ate food?"

Anyone from Kunshan ?
I have been living here for 3 months now but unfortunately I haven't met many expats here.

Are youu in Changzhou po?

In Jinan

My wife and I recently moved to Shunyi, Beijing. She is from Antique province, I am from Chicago. Hit us up if you want to hang out.


David & Juliet

Jinan is quite nice

Good morning fellow Expats:

I moved from the USA (NYC) to Huilonguan, Chanping district, Beijing to be with my wife of ten years.  We are looking to meet interesting people and couples that we could share experiences, conversation and quality time.  Both myself and my wife are foodies and love different flavors and a nice glass of wine.

Love to hear from you to learn of your experiences and knowledge.

Hey Man:

From NYC, now living in the Changping district of Beijing.  My wife and I are foodies.

How are you and the Ms. finding your way in Beijing?

hello po!


Kamusta buhay buhay dyan

@peeweeT > you should please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can undertand.

Thank you.

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