A Japanese Finding a job in Bangkok. ( Japanese-English speaker)

Hello everyone !
My name is Mariko and I am Japanese currently living in Japan.

Now I am seriously looking for a Job in Bangkok .

Here's some of my experience below:

・I have worked in a hospital for about 6 years .
・Worked as a florist mostly for bridal scene for a year
・Now I have been working in a franchised cafe as a Shift super  visor
for 2 years,And also have been working in a hotel as a receptionist for a year.

・My English skill is communicative .(TOEIC 680, took a test more than 3years ago )
・I know Japanese customer service mind.(Omotenashi/おもてなし)

I can move to Bangkok (Thailand ) in 2months if I got an offer .

I'm looking for a job in a Hospitality industry , So please let me know if you have any
information or vacancy .

Feel free to ask questions !

Thank you for reading .
Best Regards,

I suggest you contact international hotels there for possible work.
There may be some who have a large Japanese clientele and want someone who can speak the language.

Konichiwa Mariko San

There are many Hospitality companies based here like 6 senses, Minor Group, Onyx, Accor, Marriott etc

Other hotel owners like Banyan Tree, Como etc can be contacted too.

You can Google to find out or send me a private message and will give you details.

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Seemed that late , but would like to tell any interested person that some private hospitals like Samitivej Hospital ( Sukhumvit-Bangkok , SriRacha-Chonburi ) , Bangkok Hospital ( Bangkok) have contract with Japanese companies and may need such co-ordinator. Good luck.

have you found a job in thailand?

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