CEA Form E

Just moved to Malta with my wife and 2 little ones - and looking to sort out my e-residence card.

My wife is Maltese, so am I able to apply by *only* completing the CEA Form E application form?

I'll be working from home in Malta, for a UK company - so if I don't do the above, I'd look to go down the route of Employed Status, and fill in CEA Form A. However, does this assume that you are working for a Maltese company? It asks for an Employment Registration Number in a couple of places, which made me wonder - I don't know what I'd fill in here in my situation ...

Why not ask when you take your application in?

Well, it would save me some time if I knew exactly what forms I need to get printed in advance and filled out - there's not much info out there on the finer details of these forms (hence asking here), and my experience in these things, is that if you leave things to chance, you will need to provide extra evidence, come back another day etc.

Hopefully  someone on here has had similar experience and can help you, I do know what it's like at the Evans building as we previously had to go there but for the last few years we have a place in Victoria, Gozo which is a lot more helpful, good luck.
Have you read previous posts as this problem may have been covered before.

Ok, so a friend of ours has clarified this for me - it turns out I am exempt through marriage, which is a nice turn up.

I knew there was a good reason for getting married ....

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