Resignation / Kafala Transfer Legal Advice!


Salam to all of you.

I have the following concern:

I came to KSA on my own visa on November 4th, 2016. I did not know my sponsor and was asking the travel agent to provide me iqama, they kept on delaying and my visa expired after 3 months. Then I searched for jobs and found a job in a company and started working on 11th February, 2017. They did transfer my sponsorship on 22nd February, 2017 but gave me iqama of 21st May. 2017 and iqama will expire in January, 2018.

Now, I wanted to leave the job since this company was not paying me any allowances, just a straight salary they were paying and also there was no agreement at all. I left the job, they asked for my resignation letter and asked to sign a document for non disclosure of information as well as I've received the salaries. Yes its true that I received all the salaries.
Now they are asking for SR 2000 and given me 2 weeks time to transfer kafala.

What you guys say now? What should I do ? I don't think they will give Transfer without money. Can I save myself from this money?

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