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Looking for information on how to live in Malaysia without mm2h

If leaving between 80-90 days will probably have to be outside Malaysia for 7 days - re-entry at immigration officers' discretion each time.

Visa runs have become increasingly difficult in recent months and land borders (Thailand and Singapore) are likely to only issue 7 day special passes for you to present yourself at the Immigration department to explain yourself.
Your status changes from tourist after your second short visa run, so therefore the immigration department want to know why you're spending so much time in Malaysia. if you can satisfy them and have a return flight ticket then they'll stamp your passport for the full allowed period (90 days for UK passport holders)
With the 3 + 2 rule you can extend your 90 days visa by another 60 days without having to leave Malaysia. For this again you need a good excuse, a return ticket, proof of accommodation and in some cases a Malay sponsor

If you are serious about staying in Malaysia medium to long term without mm2h then your options are:
1. To be sponsored by an employer
2. To open a SDN BHD (limited) company, register it with the Expatriate Services Division (immigration department) and have your company sponsor you
3. Get a spouse visa
4. Invest in property. Minimum investment rm1-2 million

Sorry 4. is incorrect. Owning property in Malaysia does not entitle the owner to any immigration status.

In addition opening a Labuan (offshore) registered company and getting a Director's employment pass.

Applying for a guardian visa if you have a child at an international school here (1 visa only and proof of offshore income required)

You're absolutely correct Gravitas, sorry my mistake.
And guardian visa, of course
Thank you

Hi. I am planning to move to Malaysia in the fall from US.  I am 62. Very experienced in my field but not sure if  that makes a dif. I realize my options for a long term visa are limited. I cannot afford the MMh2, Im not sure about getting work there, I could apply for PhD and get a student visa?? Any other options?? Any input is appreciated.  Kalani

You are over the maximum age limit to study in Malaysia now. See if the Sarawak MM2H is still easier.  Tourist entries have been reduced and Do Not Land is a reality. Getting a job may be the only option, but immigration do not approve EPs if there are local Malaysians who can do the job.

Thanks for ur reply. WOw. So if I apply for my PhD, I will prob NOT be accepted due to my age???
Thats crazy......and as far as the MM2H, that is a joke....u have to be fairly wealthy for that, its not
for ur "typical" person.  Yes, I know that they will hire a malay over a foreigner.... :(
do you know anything about a medical visa??

Try Sri Lanka - their programme is very affordable. … d=199&

There is also Cambodia (Siem Reap is popular)

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